One-to-One Training

One-to-one training tailored to your individual dog, lifestyle, and training goals. Covering Perth Metro.

Learn what drives your dog's behaviour and how to effectively change it without spending hours a day training. The secret is training smarter, not harder and making it fun for you AND your dog.

Many clients have worked with different trainers or never owned a dog before. One-to-one training is about understanding not only your dog but how training can be tailored to you too!


Overreacting to dogs, people, or other triggers out of fear, or over-excitement is stressful for dogs AND their owners, especially when aggression is a factor (I get it, I was there once with my own dog. It's why I became a trainer!). Teaching dogs how to calmly observe but still listen is what I teach clients every day.


As part of reactivity, or when dogs just REALLY like to sniff stuff and there's no stopping them. No training tool is usually the fix, instead, it's about changing the mindset of why dogs want to pull in the first place! There's nothing like enjoying a calm, loose-leash walk with your dog. It should be something every dog and owner gets to enjoy.


Most clients coming in for help with manners have teenagers (dogs from approximately 8 - 18 months old). Jumping, nipping, destruction, pushiness, or generally not listening. The good news is dogs aren't actually naughty, they're just doing what works for them. The key is reverse psychology and it's fun when you know how!


Understanding how to help fearful dogs can be tricky, especially with so much conflicting advice available online, some of which can make the situation worse leaving dogs AND their humans feeling anxious! A strategic plan builds confidence in not only dogs but their humans as well.


Obedience can be part of behaviour modification or a stand-alone training plan. The key to strong and reliable obedience is understanding motivation and communication. Want your dog to engage with you and follow your commands, where ever you are and whether you're holding a treat or not? Regardless of breed or age? Challenge accepted!


Specialising in behaviour modification means the focus of puppy training is building confidence and strong relationships with owners and subsequently reducing the chances of developing behaviour issues later on!

Note: for human aggression or severe separation anxiety cases, please email us before booking.

Single Session Package

    • Pre-session 'Tell Me About Your Dog' questionnaire
      • Get started before your first session with fun and simple exercises emailed to you
      • One-to-one private training session tailored to your unique dog and lifestyle (allow 90 minutes)
  • Guided practice of training exercises during your session so you feel confident practicing at home
  • No need to take notes! Your tailored training plan including step-by-step instructions and reference videos is emailed to you following your session
  • Feel supported following your session with four weeks of remote support to answer questions and keep you on track!
$ 240

Complete Training Package

  • All Single Session Package inclusions PLUS:
  • Two additional one-to-one private training sessions to maximize progress and hit your training goals
  • Regular check-ins between sessions to keep you on track and ensure we maximize your face-to-face time
  • Feel supported with 6 months of remote support to answer questions, troubleshoot, and celebrate wins!
  • Payment plan available to get you started right away!
$ 595