Training and Behaviour Modification

Helping you build a better relationship with your dog

Do you wish you could take your dog into any situation, without feeling anxious about how they will behave, and how it will reflect on you? 

I take a holistic approach to training which includes teaching clients how their dogs learn, how they see the world and how we can make ourselves highly relevant in their eyes so they will follow our guidance. 

Every dog is an individual and every canine/human relationship is unique. I tailor training programs on a case-by-case basis to find the best approach for each client. 

Understanding and reading your dog better

Dogs are very good at understanding us but we aren’t as good at reading them! Dogs are one of the most communicative animals – but if we don’t speak ‘dog’, our communication can be hit and miss. Understanding your dog isn’t something that comes naturally, but a skill that you can learn. It’s like learning a new language; it’s learning Dog Sense!

My goal is to help owners understand and read their dogs better. I'll teach you to deliver clear messages that your dog will understand. When you learn why your dog behaves as it does, you will lay the foundation for a better relationship.

About our dog behaviour training

My enjoyable and effective training will establish a trust-based relationship that makes it easier to understand and change your dog’s unwanted behaviour. Whether your dog is a puppy or a senior, I can help you build a confident, well-behaved dog from the start, or teach an old dog new tricks!

Effective communication leads to obedience. I give you the tools and methodologies to build the most positive relationship with your dog.

I'm knowledgeable in all training approaches and don’t use a ’one size fits all’ model.

All dog breeds and needs

I work with any breed of dog, whether a pure-bred pooch or a rescue mix. I will start by assessing your current relationship, what issues there may be and what goals you would like to achieve with your dog. I'll give you plenty of insight into dog behaviour and psychology so you can understand what they are thinking. Whether your dog has bad manners, no focus, or if you just want to improve your obedience training, I can help.

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