Can't say enough about Jacqui! We have a 9 month old 62kg Boerboel Mastiff (South African Mastiff) whom seems to have been pushing boundaries and forgetting his manners. A huge softie but gets way to over excited and distracted for his own (and my) good when not at home. It's been hard to find a trainer that will work with the mastiff breeds, let alone like our Slobber King.

We have only attended 2 sessions so far but Jacqui's lessons have far exceeded our expectations. Would highly recommend!

Lisa Philp  -  May 2017

I've been to one session with jaquie and I know where I will be continuing rio's obediance training. She is so informative and patient (with my very boisterous pup ) and demonstrates her theory with practice and shows how simple things can be when done the rite way!! Highly recommend!

Steve Schulz  -  May 2017

Thank you so much jaqcui! So excited to put your tips and tricks to work with my girl.

Hannah Spires  -  Aug 2017

I thought I had a well behaved dog before I met Jacqui. Her knowledge and direction is world class. If you want to understand what your dog is really thinking and lower your own and your dogs stress, call her. I'm so glad we did.

Samantha Peterffy  -  Apr 2017

Jacqui has been my continual "go to" expert with all of my dogs including my highly anxious cavalier Maggie. She has helped me solve the various problems such as her anti social and stressful behaviour using positive dog training methods which I found are truly effective.

Jacqui focuses on dealing with the main factors that are responsible for causing problem behaviour instead of just treating the symptoms. What I thought I knew about how my animals behaved turned out to be completely the opposite in many situations. Jacqui helped me understand things from a different perspective which made behaviour training so much more successful.

I will continue to work with Jacqui for my current and future dogs in order to unleash (pardon the pun) their true and limitless potential! thanks Jacqui.

Nadine Osborne  -  Apr 2017

I'm only one day into implementing methods shown to be by Jacqui, to make my dog better behaved and more social.. and I'm already seeing great results. I know it's early days and there is a lot more work to be done with him but I now have great confidence that myself and by dog will live a happier life together because of Jacqui's great techniques and love for dogs. I could say enough great things about Jacqui, very very impressed. 

Gavin Faulkner  -  May 2017

Jacqui came to my home to give me and my big, mastiff cross boy some much needed training methods in a one on one session. I have previously had standard poodles so being faced with a 50 kg, 2 year old rescue dog who has a lovely nature but is a stubborn as.. had me flummoxed.

Jacqui watched us go through our paces and had lots of really good constructive comments about both my big boy's behaviour and mine. She gave us some things to work on and the steps to take to be successful.

She has been brilliant in responding to my calls and questions since that session.

Once we have our homework down pat I will definitely have Jacqui back to take us to the next steps in my big boy's eduction.

Jane Akerman  -  September 2017

Six weeks ago there was no pleasure in taking our German Shepherd puppy Eva for a walk. She lunged after every leaf blowing along, barked and lunged after other dogs and cats, and continually pulled on the lead.

After three sessions with Jacqui, we have a completely different dog; we are amazed at the change in her. Eva now walks beautifully, rarely reacts to other dogs and taking her for a walk has now become a pleasure. 

Jacqui's knowledge, clear instructions on strategies to use and patience has set us on the right path for success. 

We certainly feel motivated by Jacqui to continually reinforce training!

Maggie May  -  March 2018

Jacqui has been brilliant with our 2 Staffy ridgeback dogs. Have had 3 sessions and the difference in Chase and Miller are amazing. No more jumping on beds, couches, people. So obedient with waiting for food. Jacqui has so much knowledge and her techniques are great and easy to remember. She has done wonders for our dogs and making them so much more fun and easy to handle. Would highly recommend Jacqui and already have. 

Carol McDowall  -  September 2018

I can thoroughly recommend Jacqui. We had a positive experience through the whole training process. Our journey has only just begun but I am confident that if I should need a little 'reminder' Jacqui would not hesitate in flicking me an email or text to help.

Linda Ho  -  June 2018

Jacqui is an absolute star! She is an excellent trainer for the entire spectrum of issues anyone might have with a dog - from teaching basic household obedience to dealing with reactive/aggressive dogs. After my sessions with Jacqui I am so much more confident and in control when taking Ezra out for walks and know that I can minimise the occurrence of any incidents and effectively deal with anything the ever does come up on our walks. The best thing about Jacqui is that she doesn't just train your dog, but she teaches you the skills so that you can continue working with you dog long after the sessions. 

Absolute 10/10 who I recommend to anyone and everyone! 

Luke Rao  -  November 2018