Creating calm and balanced canines



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Addressing behavioural issues

For many owners, their dream of a dog enhancing their lives are dashed when their dog’s behaviour becomes a source of stress. If you've ever wished you could take your dog on a relaxing walk or to a café while feeling confident in their behaviour, we can give you hope. Through the use of positive and balanced methods, we'll show you how to create more engagement and trust in your dog wherever you take them. 

Regardless of breed, or whether your dog is a puppy, a senior or a rescue dog, you can have the connection and relationship you've always wanted. 

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What is ‘dog sense’?

Dog Sense means understanding how your dog thinks.  Using a holistic approach and following the science of how dogs communicate and what motivates them, we will help you get inside your dogs mind and create a stronger connection. 

With a background in both canine and human behaviour, we’re the right people to teach you how to create a trust-based relationship with your dog. We're certified by the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia, the only nationally and government recognized training program in the country for professional canine trainers. We are knowledgeable in all training methodologies and don't follow a one-size-fits-all approach. 


Building a balanced dog

Our mission at Dog Sense is to build a balanced dog that is part of your family, by structuring your relationship the right way. Through our dog training and behaviour modification programs you’ll learn:

  • why dogs do what they do
  • how dogs communicate through body language and signals
  • how to effectively motivate them 
  • how to create the right structure for your dog, to give them security and fit your lifestyle

You’ll help your dog become calmer, happier and a pleasant addition to your family.

Our Training Programs

We tailor our training programs to suit your unique needs.

Better manners and behaviour in the home
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Better walks on and off lead
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Dog to dog reactivity

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