In-Person Training Programs

Programs are individually tailored and can be done via private sessions and or/ virtual sessions and can then progress to group classes to continue practicing skills in real-world scenarios.

Better Manners

If your dog is overly excitable, has bad manners in the home, won’t listen, and pulls on the leash, we’ll help you take back control.  This program is for dogs who may be overly excitable and lack impulse control, but are not aggressive. 

Better Walks

Designed for owners who are tired of their dog pulling them everywhere, this program will help you enjoy your walks with your dog calmly by your side. Being able to have a relaxing walk with your dog is a bonding experience every owner should be able to enjoy.

Reactivity Program

Strategies for leash and dog reactivity. 

This program is designed to reduce your dogs reactivity and build your confidence.

Off-Leash Freedom

Learn how to create reliable behaviour off-leash and around distractions. 

This program can be tailored for both reactive and non-reactive dogs.